Fitness First Indonesia

The FTI Certifications have been a great investment to Fitness First Indonesia and our team of Personal Trainers

— Filipe Pereira
National Fitness Manager

Personal Training Academy

The professionalism and passion of the FTI team are world class and it is for this reason we cannot recommend them highly enough

— Dominic Dos Remedios

Master Functional Trainer

Our 'Master Functional Trainer' certification is the first of its kind and is the most comprehensive certification on the planet. It contains 7 certifications and has an immense amount of support as you complete case studies that tie all the tools and concepts together.

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The Functional Training Institute is an International Education Company that focuses on designing and delivering world leading Functional Training Courses.

Our mission is to equip and provide fitness professionals and companies with high quality education so they can deliver exercises and programs around these tools safely and correctly.

We deliver these courses in every major city worldwide and every course is accredited with the appropriate governing body.

Certified Functional Fitness Courses

Our courses are founded on best practise information and based on the latest science, research and trends. We are pioneers with many of our courses the first of their kind being offered in the world.

Gyms and fitness professionals significantly increase their standard of delivery as a result of our education. We create great trainers as we coach participants how to breakdown and teach movements. We show them how to employ movement regressions and progressions and how they should cue movements. We emphasise the importance of different learning styles and how they can foster internal motivation in their environment. This coaching aspect is covered in all of courses independent of the tool that is taught.

The Functional Training Institute have partnerships with major gyms, education institutions and other leading educators worldwide. We have been offering courses since 2009 and have undergone rapid expansion in that period. We have many materials that support the learning including a video library, refresher days and comprehensive manuals.

We have a world class team of over 30 presenters who are the best in their field. They have all undergone intensive training, international certifications and have presented on the biggest stage.

We can organise in-house training in your institution or we have public workshops available for independent fitness professionals.

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